Lipedema surgery

Treatment with long lasting results

The only treatment with lasting results in reducing the build-up of fatty tissue is liposuction. Liposuction to treat Lipoedema differs from other types of liposuction since the amount of fat that needs to be removed is larger in both volume and depth. This also means that one session might not be enough. Not more than 4 litres of fat per session will be removed.

After liposuction you will stay at the clinic for one night and then we would like to have you close to the clinic for a week. We will follow you and your healing process closely and before you travel back home we will make sure that the compression garment that you need to use for 6 months is in the right size and make sure that you have all the information you need.

If you need more than one surgery session, depending on the amount of lipedema we will wait for at least 6 month between surgeries. This is for your safety since surgeries to close to one and other increase the risk of thrombosis.

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A compression garments are recommended for lipedema management. While these garments will not reduce the adipose accumulation, they can help in maintaining and managing the condition in order to reduce pain.

Diet is still an important part of treatment for lipedema. Patients who have obesity on top of lipedema find that they have significantly more problems with pain and mobility. Maintaining a healthy weight can help keep these symptoms under control. A healthy diet can also reduce the risk for other problems such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Exercise is important for maintaining overall health. Lipedema patients often find swimming to be a great low-impact activity, as more vigorous activities like running are often painful. Exercise is excellent for preventing other issues such as cardiovascular problems. Bouncing on a trampoline/rebounder, yoga, pilates, moderate stretching, and walking are all movement that is recommended.



I felt totally secure and well taken care of. To be able to pick up the phone and call the clinic once back home felt very good. Besides this the result after my surgery was fantastic. What a great super team, everything from the receptionist, the one answering the phone, nurses and surgeon. You have my full recommendation.


I have had multiple procedures and always felt safe and well taken care of, from the first contact and all the way through the process. Warm, professional, responsive and incredible proficient staff.


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