Application process

Skåne Care team will navigate you through the process and makes all administrative and financial arrangement on the Swedish side. A devoted and efficient team is ready to help, just an email or phone call away. We focus on the details, allowing you as a patient and the professionals at the clinic to focus on the care.

1. Medical care request

Contact with our team through this link. We will guide you through the paper work

2. Verification and agreement

Once all documents required have been received, we will verify the cost and agree on a preferred date for your surgery. This will be done in one-two weeks and we will be able to schedule your visit to Sweden within 3 months.

3. Payment

The cost for the treatment is set depending on the required interventions and you will need to ensure full financial coverage in advance.

4. Logistics and visa

The treatment plan and supporting medical report will be sent to you in advance if you need to apply for a visa. For more detailed information about visa application, see the Swedish Migration Board


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