Once in Sweden

You will stay at an hotel close to the clinic up until the morning for your surgery. As a routine we need to do an Multi Resistance Bacteria screening on you about 5 days ahead of surgery so you´ll need to plan to stay in Sweden, at a total for about two weeks.

A few days before the surgery you will meet the team with the surgeon, anaesthetist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and registered nurse. You will be able to see the clinic and get to know the surgeon.

You will be admitted as an inpatient on the morning of the surgery

Surgery will be performed under general aesthesia. A series of small incisions are made through which fat I suctioned out. The incisions are small enough not to require sutures.

The surgery will take about 2 hours

Once the surgery is completed, a compression garment is applied.

 You will stay at the clinic as an inpatient for 4-6 nights after the surgery. if you are feeling well enought you can move to a comfortable hotel nearby.

You´ll meet with the medical team 6 days after your surgery, before you are discharged and ready to travel home.


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