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Lymphedemia in left leg

Result of lymphedema treatment after 8 years.

Lymphedemia in right leg

Result of lymphedema treatment after 2 years. Removal of 4.6 liters through surgery.

Lymphedemia in left leg

Result of lymphedema treatment after 2 years. Removal of 6.6 liters through surgery.

Lymphedemia in left arm

A 57 year-old woman with lymphedema of 4325 ml that had lasted for five years. Complete reduction at 1 year after liposuction.

Testimonial – Lymphedema in leg

I developed lymphedema when I was 24 out of the blue.  I used to run and my ankle swelled during a race.  It was subsequently identified as primary lymphedema and the prognosis I got was ”there is no treatment for it and it will get worse”.

In Ireland there were no specialist that dealt with lymphedema so my only option was to visit a vascular surgeon.  Even he had limited information on the condition and was unable to provide me with answers to the many questions I had at the time.  My main questions were how do I treat this condition and what is the cure for it ?

For the first few years I managed to keep it under control, but after my daughter was born it became much larger and I was measured for a compression stocking and given a pump to help reduce the size.   Needless to say the older I got the bigger it got and I struggled to get medical information on the condition. My GP relied on me to keep her up to date on any developments with the treatment of the disease.  At this stage I also had problems with my achilles tendon and my back because of the excess weight I was carrying. 

I tried a number of alternative things but nothing worked.  I was at stage where I could not even buy trousers in my own size and all my clothes were big and baggyy to cover the size of it.  I got more and more conscious about my leg and it became a huge issue for me personally.

I constantly researched the subject and came across Doctor  Brorson in one of these searches.  I sent him an email looking for more information and he replied almost instantaneously.  I had also spoken with my therapist in Ireland and was lucky enough to meet with Dr. Peter Mortimer who spoke highly of Dr. Broson’s treatment and thought I would be a good candidate for it.

My first visit to Sweden was in April, 2016 to meet with Dr. Brorson and the team.  I had a list of questions ranging from the mechanics of the operation to the distance between Ireland and Sweden.  All these questions and more were addressed and I was very comfortable after this vist to proceed with the operation. The hospital and the staff were superb and looked after my every need.  The post op care provided by Dr. Brorson and his team was excellent. 

The quality of my life has improved – my leg is lighter and is practically the same size as my right leg.  Most important for me I can wear jeans and trousers my own size and not two sizes bigger as I had been doing.  I can also wear long boots which I was unable to do prior to the operation.

I would recommend this treatment for anyone with lymphodema – it has made such a difference to me.

To Dr. Brorson and his team I can only say “Go raibh maith agaibh agus bail ó Dhia ar an obair” (which means in our Irish language thank you all so much and keep up the good work).  I appreciate everything they have done for me and I am extremely grateful.

Teresa Coveney 
Cork, Ireland 
26th June 2019