Dr. Liss

Anders Liss, MD, PhD is a Senior Consultant in Plastic and Hand Surgery. He started his training at Uppsala University hospital in 1992 at the Plastic and Hand Surgery department. Since 2008, Dr Liss is Chief Medical Officer at Skåne Cares associated hospital Art Clinic.

Dr Liss has a Doctoral degree from Uppsala University in curing after nerve damage with focus on reconstructive microsurgery. Since reconstructive microsurgery was mainly performed for reconstruction after breast cancer, this also became the focus for Dr Liss. Together with his colleague, Dr Acosta, Dr Liss developed the microsurgical technic, used for breast reconstruction with s.k Diep flap. This work was referred and discussed in many scientific publications as well as in many of the Swedish daily newspapers. The focus was to improve results with fast and safe surgery for the patients.

Dr Liss was responsible for the Lymphedema Clinic at Uppsala University Hospital for many years.

Dr Liss is a member of the expert panel for body sculpturing surgery on www.plastikoperationer.net, Sweden’s largest website for Plastic-and Esthetic surgery. 


1995              Medical Doctoral Degree

1998              Specialist in Plastic Surgery

1997              Specialist in Hand Surgery

1990              Medical Doctor Degree