Skåne Care is the international gateway to the skills, services, and expertise offered by the public healthcare and dental care system of Region Skåne in Sweden’s southern province. World-renowned Skåne University Hospital in Lund and Malmö is the hub within our wide network of specialised hospitals in ten locations, with around 150 primary healthcare clinics managed or funded by Region Skåne. 30,000 healthcare professionals serve Skåne’s 1.4 million residents as well as national and international referrals. Medical research, training and education is performed in close cooperation with Lund University and Malmö University.

Skåne is Sweden’s most southerly province and forms the link between Sweden and Europe. It is easily accessed via Copenhagen International Airport, just 30 minutes from Skåne University Hospital in Malmö. A popular tourist destination with cities, forests, and seaside, Skåne is a multicultural region with more than 160 nationalities. In Skåne more than 100 languages are spoken, and most people are proficient in English.

We offer:

  • Collaboration with world-renowned Skåne University Hospital.
  • Transfer of the Swedish healthcare model to an international context.
  • International patient referrals.
  • Education and training programmes for medical professionals.
  • Management consulting services for clinics, hospitals, and administrators.
  • Wide network of both public and private partners in Sweden.

Please visit www.skanecare.com for more information